I spoke at RETechSouth (#RETSO) – a real estate technology conference held annually in Atlanta – a few days ago.

The topic I spoke about was “Twitter Strategies for the Tech Savvy Real Estate Broker.”

And I had an amazing time. If I can only attend one conference every year, it will be RETechSouth. It was just a special combination of size, location and vibe.

Thank you, Brad Nix (@bnix) and Mike Pennington (@MikePennington) for organizing such a stellar event. And thank you, Jeff Turner (@respres) for being such a dynamite host!

Purposes of Post

The purposes of this post are threefold, as follows:

  1. To give you a quick overview of my #RETSO observations (see video below);
  2. To share with you all of the “resource/reference materials” I used to prepare for my talk (see next section), and
  3. To share with you my Prezi presentation (see embedded Prezi below)

Top 10 #RETSO Takeaways


Blogs & Other Web References

Here is a list of those additional references, along with a quick comment about why I’ve included them with regard to my #RETSO talk:


Here is the Prezi I used during my talk (and special thanks to Matthew Shadbolt (@Corcoran_Group), Jay Thompson (@phxREguy) and Darin Persinger (@DarinPersinger) for the videos they provided that I embedded in the Prezi):

  • Michael, I’m sorry we haven’t met in person and I’m ultra sad we couldn’t make it to RETSO- next year!

    Your recap is wonderful and I like how you portrayed the disconnect between digital and traditional and how insane it is that after all these years, traditionals still think digital isn’t belly to belly. It’s MORE than belly to belly- I can see your personal photos, know your kids’ names, know what you’re watching on tv tonight, and even mundane meal details- a marketer’s dream. Like you said, #DUH #WINNING! :)
    Lani Rosales´s last [type] ..Windows 8 sneak peek – what bloggers have failed to show you

  • You my friend, are a rockstar! Thank you for the shout-out/link to my interview with Dale. Definitely one of the few who has executed a good, solid Facebook marketing campaign.

    Great to see you again and cheers to the next one!

  • Nice recap Michael! Great delivery of all the content, thanks for sharing. Definitely makes me want to go next year.

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