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                News Releases

                CNOOC Makes Every Effort to Ease Winter Gas Shortage in China

                Time:2018-01-11 Size:[ Large Medium Small ]

                The winter of 2017 has witnessed soaring gas demand in East and North China. CNOOC is making every effort to ease the gas shortage and facilitate the national switching to gas for heating.

                From 9 December 2017 to 8 January 2018, CNOOC delivered 5,226 tons of LNG from Dapeng LNG, Yuedong LNG and Zhuhai LNG to North China by 244 LNG truck times, which can meet the gas demand of 500,000 residents in the North. Over 100 LNG trucks will continue to deliver LNG from the South to the North.

                On 4 December 2017, the daily gas supply of Tianjin LNG exceeded 20 million tons for the first time. By March 2018, it is expected to unload 21 cargos from LNG tankers. The gas will be supplied to residential and industrial users in Tianjin as well as Beijing, Hebei and surrounding areas.

                In November 2017, Fujian LNG unloaded a record high 350,000 tons of LNG and delivered 27.4 million cubic meters of gas to Jiangxi, Hunan through LNG trucks. Through cost control and efficiency improvement, it reduces price by nearly 5 cents per cubic meter for residents and downstream users.

                As of 25 November 2017, Zhejiang LNG supplied 3 million tons of volume, increasing by over 80% compared to the same period last year. The facilities achieved the design capacity for the first time.

                In addition, CNOOC added over 3 million cubic meters of gas supply to Guangdong to replace the gas supply of PetroChina, while PetroChina delivered the replaced part to North China. 

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